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OUT 3rd June, 2022


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New Music

"Without flour you can't make biscuits,

You can't have a rainbow without rain, it's in the name

When the weight of the world gets heavy it takes more than one to hold it steady,

It's lucky I've got you inside the frame..."



Making a home in a new area with his partner, inspired Hunter artist Liam Kennedy-Clark to write his new single, Inside The Frame.

From setbacks and bad luck, to appreciating the good in life, Inside The Frame covers it all.

“Last year I moved down to Maitland with my partner, where we quickly faced the reality of how hard it is to find a place to live that's not half fallen down, or an instant decline when applying as a full-time musician, and uni student respectively,”

Liam said. “It's hard work out there especially after the last couple of years, but we found a place we now call home.

Inside The Frame is written about the challenges we faced, and continue to face. It talks about how you have to take a lot of setbacks and bad luck, to not only achieve, but appreciate the good things.”

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